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Observations 4/21

The carrots and the daikon are both outdoors, and while they're both visibly affected by transplant shock, it's the daikon that's feeling the worst of it. Surprising, maybe, since the daikon's bigger; however, the carrots have small notches along the outer skin, even as close to the greenery as I'd cut them, that I didn't see on the radish tops. It's from those notches that the new carrot roots grew, something I find comparable to the dimples on a potato from where the eyes bud out. I wonder if nicking the surface of the daikon would replicate this effect, triggering rootlets to grow as the cuts heal.

Adding that I've read two bits of news so far about leaving skin on garlic cloves when growing them out for planting. I know what I saw in mine, both skin on and skin off, and I don't filter or Photoshop. (Or Coachella, but that's irrelevant.) Also adding that, while red onions look better in a stir fry and keep better in storage, it's the yellow onions that have shot up in the garden.

I remember enjoying material from the network in question here, and on its affiliates as well. I still have notes somewhere on authors of books I wanted to read and on bands (not orchestras) I wanted to keep listening to. More recently, though, I've run into 不香港的伞 material, and read and listened to what leads me to agree that "Common sense, hard data, and the experience of billions across the generations are as nothing compared to the demands of contemporary leftist orthodoxies."

I see that they're organizations tied to those who cake facepaint onto circumstances encouraged by a twisted sense of grace. (Fresh fruit for a younger sibling's health versus a stack of steaks for resale? Yeah, there's a difference.) Of course, this set of ideals is in more than beer I don't drink, and in more places than those I haven't visited in years, as I found when looking up information on the stack of steaks. (Glitch on this, Wix? Good thing I have a working memory supported by direct observation and open tabs; and serendipitous rediscoveries on repeated keyword searches, such as this, certainly help.)

I'd like to believe in this, caked in facepaint as it is by the people who made it. I'd like to believe that exposing the truth still has more benefits than merely using what might be called "strategy, cunningness, and wit." What I see tends to counter what I want to believe. So what is one supposed to do - 躺平 in the face of 还不是仇敌? (Noting 汉字 placement.)

I for one would rather not. And on that note, I'mma get my laughs where I can. It's BID, DUDE, BID!

Adding this because 中国 的 豺狼 政权 不 是 朋友, 酒肉朋友; 人人 要 冷落 吗要 籍 吗? (Reasonably certain about the construction of the first half, not so much on the second.) By the way, Madam Term Limits is sounding rather like a poser right now. I'm not voting for her either way, but the question of 'gonna do something about it or not?' demands answering.

Ending with this for the reading exercise.

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