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Observations 4/22

Are you kidding? Background noise censored "winkies," which is a euphemism in itself? It's a relief to change channels, even if it's to see how many yes or no questions Chewy refused to answer with either yes or no.

Watching Plan B talk about mental health issues he encountered in his peers in ye olden days, and then reading about tactics that aggravate that very issue used by the very platform he supports. I note he didn't mention the pre-existing platform I tend to use, Meph though it may be; and I expect that, with a no-hammer level of common sense, Plan B will earn his vitriol even where he is. Let me see if this is enough of a hammer - how old are your kids, Mr. Bowman? Your daughter's nine, but there's no mention of the boys' ages.

(Another question occurs to me, if a bit belatedly - you sure you've shifted from White House babysitter to journalism, Jen? Because it's either phenomenally lazy or utterly softball coddling, not pushing the question of at least one obvious alternative still in frequent use.)

It's also a rather limp argument to claim a - ahem - systemic rival can simply buy the information in question, so there's no point in setting a boundary. Women's mag zeitgeist puff pieces on boundary setting would likely disagree - I know I do. Adding this because a concession made due to somebody calling out a problem does not change the platform's data-harvesting capabilities.

Moving this because I got curious about the cost of living. What's 15% of 41?

Oh, the laughs when I read this and considered the country in the previous segment might be one of the affected states. Guess what? It is! The comparison to 台湾 is self-evident, of course; and I could stretch that connection to repressive state-controlled media, treatment of political dissidents, the presence of gulags... 中国 的 豺狼 政权 不 是 朋友.

Adding this because if I understand it correctly, dropping one set of charges might make way for another, more appropriate set. (Nice photo, Al - too bad someone had to die for you to learn.)

Penultimate this because bee food, Farquaad bait, and educational content on not-Chewy's platform.

Ending with this because dude, I think I just found the answer to my radishes!

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