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Observations 4/26

Cuttings are the next experiment, and in this case, I'm also using honey and apple cider vinegar to see if they're effective as rooting enhancers. (Remind me to grab another set of cuttings and test root them in just water. Done.) As it is, the leaves are budding out on these twigs. What's weird is that there's a translucent sort of fuzz developing on the bark that's under water. I don't know if that fuzz is the beginning of roots or if it's the effect of the mother culture in the vinegar, or if it's there for another reason I don't know about.

If I heard this study material correctly, it's 你看的我说 - dialogue was a bit fast in the captions (finally, another period drama in this time slot!). If I understood it correctly, it's 'look at me when you're talking to me.' Double checking it against a translator nets something like 'you see what I say,‘ maybe like 'Do you see what I'm saying?' (I don't.) And is this 111年 thing a scam alert? Hang on - isn't that the dude who kidnapped her? What in the captions have I missed?! And that's the second time now with the standing drum thing. She must really like that prop. No, dude, 她不是你的妻子 - that's the ringer. Whoa, 他的手是赤为什么? All the adults in the room and it's the kid who has to fight for - 她是母亲吗, 还是姐姐吗, 还是 - hang on, I think it might be 姑娘 - 为什么? 不是 小女子 的 错, 对吗? It might be another term for mother which sounds like 姑娘 but I haven't found in my dictionary yet. Got it - 啊娘.

Addressing several points from Shady Pines' fundraising e-mail, which I'm more than happy to use as fodder:

They’re trying to gut Social Security and Medicare. (Discounting his half of the equation is the act of a divider, not a unifier.)

They’re trying to raise prices on prescription drugs and repeal the cost-saving measures we’ve put in place for the hardworking families (what barriers does the other proposal put to reducing drug prices?) all while saying we have enough money to cut taxes for the rich.

They’re telling women what health care choices they’re allowed to make. (Hilarious from those who can't define women. Sad, really, that I know her more for that statement rather than her judicial record, which on a read is rather solid. And don't give me that phobic mess - your record under your deadname's still available, and you're not the only example.)

They’re telling you what books should be in your kids' schools. (Hilarious from those who're fine with diluting them. Wasn't the point of having these books in school to face race issues in order to challenge them?)

And if you don’t like it, tough luck: They’re going after your right to vote, too. (What insanity calls voter ID requirements and home state voting an attack on voters' rights? Oh yeah...)

I'll add more as I find them.

You're not concerned about a 豺狼 政权, Mr. Biden? Then you can get them, or maybe your son, to fund your campaign.

Ending with this because aphids! (And that's teacher. Geh-heh. No, dude, don't change it - it's funny!)

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