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Observations 4/27

It took about - what, a week? - for the fuzz to develop around the sections of cuttings submerged in the honey-vinegar water. I'll check the other set of cuttings in about that time to see whether they've fuzzed up or not. (Huh. I've had bottles of apple cider vinegar where the mother's been more like strings or webs along the bottom, like the ribbons one gets in egg drop soup when it's made correctly. The bottle I got this vinegar out of had its mother in a more powdery form. I had to dilute the honey with warm water before mixing the vinegar in - feels a bit like working with baker's yeast. If that's the same stuff in the water for my cuttings, I wonder if it's the honey that's got them into such a shape.) And I'm wondering what I can do with a forked branch...

Hindi sila gustong maririnig. Ang sinabi nila ay hindi totoo. Ilang beses na nakakita ang buong mundo sa ginawa nila sa lupa, sa mga ilog, at sa dagat. (Yes, I read this news too; and 酒肉朋友's seen more closely than I what comes of such talks.) Ilang beses pa'ng gusto mo? Hindi sila kaibigan.

Adding this to the list of those who consistently cave to the CCP. I'll take the risk with what I say, in any language I have to hand, whether you do or not, Judy Chu.

Avoiding nuclear war is in 豺狼政权's own interests as it is anyone's, and brokering talks adds to 熊兄弟's international capital where Shady Pines has lost it. (David. I shudder at adding this journalist next to your name. He deserves better.) Oh, the presidency doesn't change, but reveals, who you are? That's hilarious, fundraising e-mail.

Adding this for the background noise - and it sounds ever so familiar.

Ending with this because wonder.

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