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Observations 4/28

What about 鱼 would cause such a large group arrest? Poaching? I'm missing half of that term, but it's got the same 汉字 as a radical. Euphemism? And what did all those 刀 have to do with it? Soup with the first chive harvest of the year is yum, and those two that were still fighting? Better make that three. (Noting that it's funny to see Isley in the feed where I usually

see Quinzel - y'all remember she's vegan, right?)

The larger ship in waters not its own is the one provoking, not the smaller. Hindi sila kaibigan kung may pusil sila sa ulo mo. (Speaking of provoking...) And if 熊兄弟 actually deigned to break a pattern because 匹夫 在 法国 said 豺狼 政权's quiet part out loud, that's blatant self-interest. (Just found this - "some observers believe the comments reflect a strain of thought inside the government but Lu may have been speaking out of turn when he made them." One doesn't have to make 豺狼 匹夫 在 法国 wrong when 豺狼 匹夫 在 法国 already is.)

The senile delinquent is the one under whom his country's standing has so degraded, not the scapegoat. Hey, Sulu - you got comments that project as much as these writers do. (At least according to poll numbers and dystopian locales.)

While I do applaud the strengthening of ties between vocab 南韩 and 美国, I rate the current events with a visiting head of state under what a domestic head of state is supposed to do in this situation against a 豺狼 政权, Shady Pines or not. If kindness means one has to discount the corruption that landed him the seat and the ineptitude once he got there, and then clap for the bare minimum done to repair - to those who promote such a candidate (including astrologer male clean-shaven shoulder-length gray hair round glasses and his ilk), all I can say is fetch. And to those who choose avoidance in favor of friends even when faced with proof that it's their friends who messed up, all I can say is bullet dodged. Yeah, to The Spin, how about no.

My read on the situation is that the zeitgeist has become accustomed to profiting from artifice and veneers to the point where 政权 撒了 一个 大谎 is acceptable. (一个? It's 很多 at this point, if I have the correct terms. And it looks like I do.)

Ending with this because dandelions.

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