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Observations 4/29

The cuttings in just water are starting to develop that fuzz as well, so if there's any effect from the honey and vinegar in the other, it might have been to speed up the growth of I don't know what it was and now I want a microscope; but it's also clearer to see nubs developing along the submerged portion of these twigs. Dare I hope that these are the beginnings of roots?

Yeah, you know what? Within the party I now vehemently oppose, there were - were - people whose ideas I found worthwhile. Guess which people left that party, pal?

I find myself agreeing with the use of the terms senile and dotage as used by a 怒人 한국어 단어는 무엇입니까? who just might be replaced by the moon; though considering that family history, 'replacement' just might be a euphemism. Also noting that 北韩的怒人的国人 are starving - oh wait, 他们的军方 as well now? Because I thought that there was a redirect of rations to the 北韩 military at one point. And Shady Pines has the dubious honor of having egg memes created during an administration in which he's forgotten the last foreign country he visited - come on, man, that's not even a month back. How is this not a warning?

And how many times a day does that robo-mailer intend to send messages begging for money to keep Shady Pines in a seat he doesn't deserve? Because I've counted three so far today. But keep on sending them anyway, as I'm sure you will, because I'm ever so curious to see how far these numbers plummet. (Make that five today.)

Step down, Mr. Biden. In a time like this, stronger leadership is needed; and neither you nor a politician who's let lapse her border assignment are suited to the task at hand.

Well, that answers a question I had earlier on whether Jen's moved on from White House babysitter - if Mr. Biden's age is affecting his lucidity, which it clearly is and has been since before he hit POTUS, then he needs to leave that post for someone more capable. If I recall correctly, Ms. Psaki, your lot had a huge problem with the last actor in the top seat, so it's meaningless to compare the current head of state to those for whom fiction is the job; and I for one am not looking for a doddering old puppet (what's the current term? NPC?) pretending to lead. (Sadly, the current state of those at The Junction is that fiction is the job.) Sadistic, is it, to continue reminders that you lot chose this mess? If it cracks the delulu that he was in any way a good choice, then I'm only too glad to keep going.

Adding these articles to acknowledge the other side of 五毛.

Ending with this because groceries.

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