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Observations 4/30

I wonder if I can make do with a garlic-and-vinegar spray until I get more peppers. Then again, I have some other condiments in stock that might do for the heat element of the Farquaad spray.

Let me see if I understand this correctly. It literally states "polarization isn't all that bad," and that one pole is worse than the other, specifically around issues tied to race and to beer I don't drink. There are literally generations of records showing physical differences that encouraged the generation of legal protections that are now being eroded in sports. (Noting this because there was a more recent mention of the concept I've yet to find.)

There are records as well that show slacktivism marring an otherwise laudable call for racial protection by funding real estate purchases (and shoes, if I remember one man's situation correctly) from donations, not to mention the ties to a specific philosophy - the comparison of methods of ideological control, that I'm still wondering about, but I'll keep it in consideration.

Prioritizing academic theory over what exists? There was a story about an astronomer who fell in a hole.

Adding this because 豺狼 政权 撒了 又 撒 很多 大谎. Bit uncertain on the sentence structure, but I stand by the sentiment.

Adding this because Давай and 加油.

Adding this because I'll keep cheering for 50 and 一百九十八, even with the measures taken to correct what's been caught.

Ending with this because where's the garlic?

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