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Observations 4/5

Dude! Try the spices! First of all, thanks to I can't remember who she was who mentioned having done this experiment. Second, if they're in your kitchen and they're fresh, chances are you use them on a regular enough basis that it's worthwhile to grow them. Third, it's a gladsome surprise when you do find a spice that sprouts. Heads up, though - one of mine's from a packet, the other from the cupboard, but the two spices are both Apiaceae, so there's a risk of crossing; bit of a bother since I'm planning to save seed. Ack. I wonder if I have to worry about the alliums on that point as well.

This bit of the study material just perma-scrapped 二皇子, who I'm guessing wouldn't have reached puppetmaster if 太皇子 was still in place; so one's definitely out, and I've yet to see the - drat, he's still around, just set aside during the puppetmaster days. Relatively certain 三皇子 is solidly out of the line of succession, despite still being alive; entirely certain he's not a 角. (Bah! The things I miss while gardening! ...Can be found online.) 他怕什么? Drat, he's back in the line - two possibilities up: that 三皇子'll do better than 泰黄子, or that 三皇子's scrapped as well in order to allow 大王 into the line. Aaand there's the problem with spoilers.

Hang on - relating the recent example to the earlier, the 男 lead was addressed as 大王 there, the same as the 将 here; and he'd mentioned the 女 lead's backstory includes 她的父王是x国的王 (which is why 婚姻 was 联姻 that led to 大王, as it is in this newer example). So was there a 皇 there as well? And how frequently did 将 to 大王 (to 皇?) happen in historical records that it's twice a coincidence in works of fiction? If it takes time to gather examples to get a solid grasp of a concept, then that's what I'll take.

Aw, how cute - thanks to the background noise for reminding me of my mother's work.

Noting - if I understand this correctly, price changes in 猪肉, products, and dishes over 六天 in the 百元 range? I think I'm missing a character that would clarify if there's an exact multiple of 百 or if it's more like an 'in the hundreds' sense.

Are you lot convinced yet with "child data misuse," or will it take more to change your neon fuchsia pink minds on progress to 一百九十八?

Adding this to wonder if 豺狼 政权 使馆 got the message little ol' me sent with the photo of the teapot shards, and this to root for legislation.

Penultimate this to root for continuation. Also pizza.

Ending with this because I gotta A) find my pan and B) reduce the heat. (I kinda like when it caramelizes a bit, though.)

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