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Observations 5/1

Eee! The potatoes are really leafing out, the garlic stalks are widening, and the radishes are winning the fight against transplant shock. I'm looking forward to soup, salad, and maybe, just maybe, some seed stock in a few months.

Thank you for this news. I maintain my stance on 50 and 一百九十八 even as I remember social experiments.

Adding this because of my reason to thank the delulu - the reminder not to mirror the choice to support a senile delinquent, as well as the funsies. (I don't do Vegas with my list, and yeah, I've been 'watching.') What's the reasoning behind keeping at the helm the very person who steered the ship into the rocks in the first place, for all that he's tried to scapegoat? What reason? Because it's riskier to - the adage is "switch horses in midstream," is that it? I think this sort of calculated risk is warranted if one would rather not have that horse carry one further up that particular creek sans paddle.

And to those stung by the knowledge that prolonged publication of even Charmin-level work has consequences, the trash you sell diminishes not only yourselves (as the numbers clearly show), but the audience you sell it to.

Acknowledging 酒肉朋友 and Shady Pines, not for themselves, but for what any head of state is called to do when faced with a 豺狼 政权.

Penultimate two vids for two reasons. Leaves can replace mesh for plant pot inner linings; weighing those leaves down with twigs, the lot can bulk up the volume in those pots to reduce use of potting soil, all while cleaning up the yard. (Apartments - suggesting nearby parks, schools, or maintenance around the building itself for hugel bits. Standard caveat - watch for chemical treatments when using such bits in food crops.) That plus a DIY soil mix would slash the budget even further, and I'm sure there are ways to get around shopping with the tentacle beast. (Fine. Three reasons with the kittens.)

Ending with this because it's caulk - caulk! And because twice-weekly watering holds a certain appeal.

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