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Observations 5/13

Planting another set of tomato seeds proves once again that nightshades love heat - these are weeks younger than the bird's eyes, and yet they've nearly caught up in height. Which makes a handy circumstance out of make-that-one on the daikon - I have more room for my new additions. Yeesh, captioner - when it comes to military maneuvers, it's ‘feint,' not "faint."

I've read fanfiction, even posted a link a while back to one with a quote on observation that I found worthwhile (which then, if I remember correctly, countered that quote with an imprecise description of the size of a crime scene room). This isn't it - it's a clip of the slippery slope in action using prose on par with some I've read in notables like My Immortal. (If I recall, I made it through - what, 10, 13 chapters? - before I noped out, and that was more than anyone should subject themselves to.)

Something of a digression, but I'm still thinking of that screed and the literacy rates. I'll agree the channel that hosts the video I've linked to above leans heavily conservative, but what edits have they made to the material itself? (Ahem - Zone, Turkish Let's Cook. Replacing an acknowledgement of Monster diabetics.) Checking similar issues shown on multiple sites has shown me enough that I'm willing to take a chance on the more specific, localized material (namely that school board meeting) having minimal edits, if any, as well.

These are more specific examples of showing the materials and the actions that are officially supported in literal word and deed, and then officials raising obstacles to being shown the material and actions they support. There was one man who actually articulated his dissent on the board that's too cowardly to have material from their new reading list read out to them; and with that many family members banking on one highly placed politician, does democracy-not-you-lot expect a constituency to believe that he isn't as directly delinquent in the influence-for-money issue as he is visibly senile?

What good, Shady Pines, is supporting a writers' strike when there are fewer among your citizens who can actually read?

Adding this for progress to 一百九十八 - I'd read coverage on vocab 英国, but vocab 威尔士 is new. (Seriously? You're tracking using the 猫?) On that note, adding this because I have the odd feeling it's got a better chance of convincing the likes of Dorian and Plan B - a reminder of what these two value: her, the performative, and check Plan B talking about "political theater" when Dorian fits that term like a Met dress; him, not his kids, and that "better product" just pulled that shadowban trick among others that didn't need a "top-secret Congressional briefing." (Especially noting the comparison of numbers between platforms, which is a worthwhile method anyone can use for their own needs. Also, if she knows how to play that flute and has permission to use it, then objections to its use are foolish.) A memory of 牛肉 between two influencers from different countries prompts me to add this article as well.

Adding these articles to remind Finger-The-Mirror that those on your side of the divide can see the results of your policies.

Ending with this because it's time for more cuttings.

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