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Observations 5/15

How long does it take to get a citrus tree from seed? Orange would rock, and for more than just the blossoms; but I find lemons are more versatile for sweet, savory, and (hang on, antiseptic's more accurate) purposes. I wonder if that's more perception than fact, though, considering orange-flavored sauces for duck and beef and why do I do this to myself groceries takeout dammit clock...

You lot really haven't learned, have you? "You'd sell your soul for a story, and you know it," background noise; and now that AI's making your stories, what does your industry have left to sell? Not many humans among you are willing to tackle inflammatory material if bot writer results so far have come up with only what its programmers want to hear, which makes what the programmers want to hear the majority of what the users hear, which then becomes what the majority of users want to hear.

To the background noise I say - screenshots, 40%, 微软. Removing that curious snippet - I'm not letting that mess out through here. And moving it to this segment because Meph was right to drop that motto. Replacing this bit of the curiosity because deleting that mess shouldn't affect these fighters.

Adding this because, though I acknowledge the efforts to de-pink, I insist on remembering what has happened at Cable Opinion Network, especially since Mr. Senile Nepotist Babysitters' Club insists on repeating what their contemporaries have done regarding their preferential coverage of POTUS and party. (Adding this for a compilation of party coverage.)

Adding this because even without counting the change of language to "birthing person," you lot are more likely to support abortion, the literal "canceling of motherhood;" and you're trying to flip that around because of a lack of parent welfare programs? (Though on that point - noting again that this is a good idea.) How are you self-medicating?

Adding this because what I thought was just another attempt at Zone turns out to be another instance of a weak argument - it's not "fundamentally racist" for modern citizens of the country in question to insist on adherence to the recorded history of a woman important to that country; and it's nonsensical to pull that card because the people on the show find that their ideology is as universally appealing, socially smooth, and down-to-earth as deadname swim records and beer I don't drink, but it's as if you're squeezing what juice is left in a card that's been overplayed ad nauseam.

The woman might not have been Liz Taylor; but she was Southern European Greek by blood (push it further north if one insists on the Macedonian), born in Egypt, speaking their language and then some, going by that country's history, not North African Black or Middle Eastern. And here I thought you were against cultural appropriation. (Huh. Turns out the name's Greek too. How was 'patra' not a clue?)

Adding this for still there, 微软. And this because I've been quite certain, since the inception of still there, 微软 (and it is because I just checked), that 中国 的 豺狼 政权 不 是 朋友 kung mayroon silang pusil sa ulo nyo. Pairing these two to compare those accused.

Adding this for Shady Pines and Lotus.

Penultimate this because it's bungee caterpillar time.

Ending with this to examine instructional material in short-form video format. Also yum.

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