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Observations 5/16

Yeesh, those Farquaads found the cabbage right quick. They haven't messed with the anise yet, though, and the garlic has proven a most able barrier. 他们 是 她 的 父亲 和 哥哥, 对 吗? 皇上 的 孩子 在 他们 的 家 为什么? 孩子 的 父亲 和 母亲 不 在 那里. D'aww, 孩子很可爱. No, seriously, that kid is cute.

One must search for that which feeds. The dubious tool that is 40% tends to send more hooters than borax into mine despite feedback provided through their menus and in screenshots. In the meantime, I'm keeping an eye on just how well the senile delinquent in chief and his poser posse have done for his constituents and - can one call them allies when they can't rely on him?

Way to enable a 豺狼 政权, Shady Pines. (Making space for material that veneers might conceal, and this specifically to question how those who identify under a certain set of ideologies can continue to support another that will suppress them along with everything else the 豺狼 政权 has done). To that 政权, I'm fully expecting to add the term 'et al.'

I do want to remind myself, however, that what I see of the ideology I oppose - in its own words - doesn't care about any culture outside its own until it affects the bottom line.

Adding this for the memory of ice pops and lumpia sauce in long, thin baggies; and this reminder of an existing solution.

Ending with this because cabbage.

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