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Observations 5/17

Huh. Wondering if I could slopnugget a cabbage-rutabaga お好み焼き-ish thing after the next grocery run. Tasty stuff, but it's better crisp, and an army-sized batch will un-crisp before it's eaten. Soup with meatballs? Also, at the moment it's the 考古学 bit that had the 鱼人, but I'm starting out with study material on vocab 捷克. And why is it that these guys have more backbone than their larger counterparts do when it comes to a 豺狼 政权?

The feed continues to prove it prioritizes shallow ad hominem to counter the knowledge that you lot chose this (and d'you realize that's the second skit in, what, a year?). Adding that ad hominem only works with accurate targeting, and looking at who chose what behavior, it's like you know you can't hit with one accusation outright, so you have to add 'emotional' to create a blanket term; and you know that social experiments are entrenched in the spotlight, so you have to focus on another month designation. (I was going to snark on psychological experiments using this science bit, but it's too interesting an argument for such a petty use.)

Let me guess - it's a 'yes we voted for this senile delinquent but we can't do anything about it and we're tired of hearing what a horrible choice he was and how we can't do anything about it so we'll scapegoat instead' thing? By the way, modern media outlets, that prioritizing selling over informing bit - how's that working out? About as well as these two?

When it comes to my response to how others have chosen to act - acknowledging, but not linking to, the noose faker and the mirror selfie - I see no reason to soften for a continuing pattern.

Adding this for the comparison between the transcription and the cleaned-up version - while I appreciate a more legible block of text, it would be nice if the はげ elected to that post could articulate himself clearly without outside assistance (is that what he meant to say, or what the Post writer thinks he meant to say?), especially on such wide-spread issues and considering those in his post have a time limit within which to speak. Wheelchairs don't affect input or output, but his accommodations do; and the sickos who chose such people for higher office have as much to celebrate as those who didn't choose them, but are affected nevertheless. (Not effected.)

Adding this for progress to 50!

Penultimate this in honor of the queen.

Ending with this as a reminder of its counterpart in orange.

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