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Observations 5/18

The bird's eye spray works, of that I'm sure; crossing my fingers that the insulation does too. I should find out in a bit. (Addendum - looks like it did.)

I posted not long ago about background noise that censored the term 'winkies,' the euphemism in itself that shows just how much a laugh hub has fallen to woke. Now I run into this news, following a large fine for a comedian's joke on the military, and it's easy to make the comparison - seriously, I don't have to parody any of this when y'all already have, but I'm sure there are those who'll gladly take on the task.

I'd like to add this as well, an article about an issue I'd waited to see on a publication that I know leans left. The much-appreciated tweets imbedded within the article seem to show a lot that still doesn't want to listen to parallels among its own or to people who've experienced life under a political philosophy they support. Thank you for the example of delulu.

Adding this because if the lady is a witness, she just might be worth hearing out.

Ending with this because I like mashups.

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