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Observations 5/19

First I learned that a traditional roux is equal parts butter and flour, its (not it's) flavor (longer = more) and thickening capacity (longer = less) determined by how long it's (not its) toasted. Then I learned that a quick roux can be made from equal parts flour and a neutral cooking oil.

My usual habit with soups like egg drop and hot and sour is to thicken them using cornstarch. I can't be the first person to use a wheat flour and spiced oil roux to thicken soups, not if bacon grease and pan drippings can be used the same way in sauces; and straight toasted sesame oil will likely work just as well to beef these soups up.

我 不 信任 中国 的 豺狼 政权 的 说话. You've already got multiple instances of violent suppression, both historical and present day; you've already got multiple instances of language erasure, both in recent history and present day; and you've got quiet part out loud showing you're nowhere near a neutral peacemaker. You don't respect your neighbors (still there, 微软) or your contemporaries, but you expect them to respect you; and to their demerit, so many have caved.

Therefore I continue to keep an eye on any crack in that cap-toothed veneer, though any satisfaction in the action is sandpaper, knowing 豺狼 政权 的 国人 are going through some mess. The satisfaction comes in the refusal of such poor leadership, and I'm seeing quite a few parallels between those forced to accept it and those pack-led into choosing it. Now since 我 不 是 豺狼 政权 的 国人, and don't have a vote in their government even if there were a choice to begin with, I say - why yes indeed, mass mailer, let's "vanquish malarkey."

Oh, and considering spying on journalists (and their pets), manipulating viewers' feeds, distorting research information, and feeding information to a 豺狼 政权 regarding 不 是 他们 的 国人, tell me again whose freedom of speech is at risk.

Ending with this because it's satisfyingly tidy.

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