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Observations 5/20

Fixing a revisit and discovery of parody songs that I enjoyed. One video in particular stuck with me in that those who chose the simple life know what they're missing, contrary to the speaker in the video. What I've learned is that such communities allow their young people to experience the tech perks that their traditions forbid, along with the vices that accompany them - like I said, you get Meph, but you also get doomscrolling - before finalizing their choice of whether to stay in their tradition or seek life outside. (There's at least one comment that goes into further detail and makes me wonder if that exposure practice is used only in certain communities or throughout all branches of that culture.) So yes, knowing what they're missing is the point of making that, or any, informed choice. (Ahem, Cable Opinion Network, Mr. Senile Nepotist Babysitters' Club.)

And when it comes to using a 词典, reading 你们 的 话, and watching 你们 的 电影 和 电视, how is the result of observing 你们 的 material 诡 when it's literally made to be 看? Did it sting, the comparison to Western counterparts? (Which was the 电视 with 皇后 的 弟弟 和 他 的 女厨师?)

Adding this for vocab 英国, 加拿大, 法国, 德国, 意大利, 日本, 美国, 和 欧盟. Also this for vocab 巴基斯坦, 肯尼亚, 赞比亚, 寮国, 蒙古, 斯里兰卡, 宏都拉斯- 没有酒肉, 没有朋友. (Still there, 微软.) And this for vocab 所罗门群岛 - you pinks wanna rephrase?

Much appreciated is this for the video and document text. Apart from a distinct pang as I wonder whether or not to congratulate this guy that lot chose for sounding less struggle-y than usual, if I understand this writer correctly, it seems like a 'grasping at straws' use of the amendment in question. It sounds like something that might be used on the abortion issue (turns out it was), where one state's stance, which in the case of that issue would discourage indiscriminate use of the procedure (ectopic pregnancy versus clout clip hiii this is my abortxn elevventy one), is not permitted to affect another state's stance as reflected in its laws to permit women to redirect their resources while allowing their urges free rein (not reign).

And I thought these people have enough resources squirreled away to nurse their medical needs while someone else takes the reins. If not, it's common enough practice for former politicians to mine their history for material to use in paid speaking engagements - the marketing's already evident around 'the challenges of the campaign took a toll,' and he's still in office. Also, if mobility is or becomes an issue, video conferencing has been a staple of long-distance interaction for years at this point.

Ending with this because Farquaads.

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