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Observations 5/26

Study material prompts the idea for another experiment - I don't have the mold for the rice, but I might manage the eggs.

Now this is a fascinating concept - not at all new, but with the advent of social media, there's yet another front. And with this news comes the thought that red banner hill and 叔叔 continuing into 桃头 and 黑英语老师 aren't cases that exemplify the refusal to learn - they're examples of this sort of operation.

If you think 豺狼 政权 的 吏僭 won't discard you once your usefulness is spent, the way they've done to others within their own borders*, or that prestige or position will protect you from such treatment, then I have to wonder what rock you've been under.

*What was that term used some years back for 豺狼 政权 的 国人 who questioned 他们 的 豺狼 政权? A counterpart to 'woke,' if I remember correctly; I'd used it wrongly on people who were taking fire for holding their 豺狼 政权 accountable. Also, for a more literal interpretation of use and discard - found this while looking for that 王 with the front-line prisoners**, and wondering about the answer to the question: has it? (You can't sanitize your entire history, 豺狼 政权, but it's certainly interesting to watch you try.)

(**Huh - going by this, they weren't prisoners; duty and responsibility again, 社畜? Eee for reverse loanword!)

This is a large part of why I support progress to 50. It closes down part of that front, one in the spotlight in multiple countries if they've banned the app from government devices; and it would be quite a laugh if 豺狼 政权 finds it could use an opponent's own laws to keep using the concept.

And in a complicit zeitgeist that holds itself so capable yet remains complacent enough to think that concealing information or that advanced age and brain injury couldn't possibly affect the politicians they choose, one must strengthen one's memory, keep external hard copies for that which memory cannot hold, and keep in mind that there are four lights.

I have to note that, while I'm grateful Meph seems to be functioning as a tool rather than acting like a rabbitholing, gaslighting one, the downside of this safeguard to one's mind is the loss of insight into 桃头 and Turkish Let's Cook-ish channels, who one might regard as something like footsoldiers on this front. (Spoke too soon - Meph's still a tool.)

Adding the following because it sounds like 豺狼 怒吏僭 (“mutual trust?" you funny) and 豺狼 匹夫 propose that states not allied with 豺狼 政权 give up their sovereignty while 豺狼 政权 itself ignores the sovereignty of others. (中国的 豺狼 政权 亵慢 人人.)

Adding this for: "The methodology goes out of its way to look at very basic journalistic practice... Even if you want to quibble with how some of that was operationalized.'"

Adding this for the dupe copy-and-paste mass mailer in my site's inbox - purses come in all colors.

Ending with this because, while cilantro and anise leaves look quite similar, anise leaves taste almost like apples.

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