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Observations 5/27

Oh man, the camera shaking plus the wheeze! I miss him. Don't get me started on the op joke because what are you twits gonna do, cancel a dead guy? (How's that working out?) And I keep wondering which one's mom. Also, toasted sesame oil quick roux confirmed yum.

Read the 14th - do I understand correctly that its origins were in part to prevent the states voting to cancel their own debt? Even though it's tied to the same issue of finances, it looks to me like they're at opposite ends - the original to prevent a debt reduction, and the current to allow a debt increase. What I read in the material is that the original aimed to keep the recorded debt true to the original record, without erasing information on either side of the (bottom? Mason-Dixon?) line; while in the current, it looks like it's meant to shift the goalposts - what am I missing?

Hang on, I might be blinkered by the prior knowledge of politicians who put their interests above those of their constituents, mass mailer. Is it that not raising the ceiling would force the erasure of debts that wouldn't fit under the ceiling otherwise, profligates? Huh - did you politicians ever consider the idea of increasing revenue from large companies based on the size of their freight fleet? Not my idea - but like I said, guess who left the party. Hang on again - that might prod such companies to reduce their fleets and outsource to indy freight companies. Based on goods sent through freight in any way, whether it's moved with their fleets or not? (The tentacle beast can handle it.)

Noting 子ども (아이, παιδί) and the Hague for my own curiosity. Not to minimize matters, but I wonder now about certain fictional characters, and if this IRL situation might apply to them.

Adding this for the quiet part out loud.

Ending with this because I'm curious about how matters regarding these bugs are continuing closer by.

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