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Observations 5/6

I'm estimating these wee scallions at three harvests, if that. They're noticeably skinnier than the last batch I got in my groceries. They also show the importance of sharpening one's tools - a clean cut heals better, whether on regrowing kitchen veg or on tree cuttings. Which brings up the next topic for consideration: I wonder how I can streamline the cleanup and storage of clippers?

While an apostate can speculate, fratello, I don't understand entirely why this story landed in the publication it did; however, I do know my stance on the connection between the terms 豺狼 政权 and 坝. Of course I'm wondering about 酒肉朋友's priorities here with 他们 不 是 朋友, and the situation itself sounds an awful lot like another I remember on the opposite side of the ring.

Oh my, it looks like it's not just an old castmate, but an entire network that's taken on the role of babysitting the senile delinquent. It's as if he's relying on repetition, see if he can exhaust into silence those who ensure his 'effectiveness,' 'honor,' and 'wisdom,' and the effects of each characteristic, stay in the limelight.

Adding this because 中国 的 豺狼 政权 不 是 朋友. Vocab 所罗门 群岛.

Ending with this to wonder if it works with kitchen scraps in general.

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