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Observations 5/7

他 吃 牛肉, got it; 他 有 女朋友, got it; what does that have to do with vitamin K, poor thing? (And your 女奴怒 pattern still holds, 微软, as does what's still there.)

Speaking of what's still there - adding this because, despite my gladness at reading this, who does 酒肉朋友 expect would be next?

Hang on, did I write "vous n'êtes pas seul" or "vous n'êtes pas seule" for this? (Ha-hah, I did put "seule.") Magkaano na'ng (mga?) kababayan mo sa bayan mo ay nakatanggap ng bala, 酒肉朋友?

First off in this bit, 2 cm! Even as I await with impatience the Farquaad repellent and mourn make that two, I note that all the carrots show solid growth and - ah, that's where the onions are going. And before I forget, dandelion leaves are as tasty as reported - starts off as mild as lettuce, and ends with a slight radish green-ish sharpness.

I added the above to ensure I stay in the moment, as it were (dude, you're towel-wrestling a shovel?), even as the prompt (screenshots are forever) for this addition drips into my feed - is there any legislation that counts Daddy Demented's statement as some form of trial tampering? Shady Pines has forfeited any benefit of the doubt from me, but not to the point of blindly believing Let's Cook in what two translators determine to be Turkish. I know what I believe, and it isn't you.

Adding this (and this) to ensure I keep my guard up.

Adding this to say, if the gist is anything like 'use fossils until greens can handle the energy load' (except switch 'fossils' with 'nuclear'), 'unpredictable' is the wrong term.

Found the answer to tamarind-ade!

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