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Observations 6/19

Something's up with this tech. I don't know what it is.

Adding this thing I've seen in passing, which reminds me of the work of an inspirational martial artist (always fondly) and that of a craven cash-driven sack of pink (always foully. Also wrong brand). Fortune-telling articles regularly read, and recent ones specifically read, "let go of that which no longer serves you" (seriously, just combine the article-writing AI and the star chart calculator AI if you haven't yet, 15% et al). In these cases, any concern for that which supports all the crossed lines. Moving this for la-la.

Adding this to set the record on who "has not agreed to go forward with" talks. ("At this moment" like it's as momentary as the delays in - how many years ago did those trade negotiations happen again?)

Adding this for vocab 义大利.

Adding this for the quote: "Thank you to all the firefighters and first responders working tirelessly under difficult conditions to combat the #OakFire. Worsening drought and severe weather will only continue to put lives and property at risk from wildfire if we don't take climate action NOW." Should anyone be thanked, Mr. Padilla, for the action taken against Mr. Wackerman? Or ought one attribute these specific risks to the much nearer human element? (TL; DR - yeah, if y'all could not blame the results of your mismanagement on my stove, that would be great.)

Adding this for 北韩 怒吏僭 - 직원들은 잘 지내나요? Hang on, this might be more accurate: 동포분은 잘 지내시나요? (Yeah, just a guess that one might be prejudiced against all the explosions.) Huh. Also added for the opportunity to play with this translator. If I understand this text correctly, it's 동포분은 = compatriots, and 직원들은 = employees. Which is weird, because I used "people" in the first input sentence and "国人" in the second. Implication that this translator is using "people" in a narrower sense in its default translation? Maybe because that's the sense most of its English-speaking users seek to convey with the text they translate here?

Adding this because first of all (if I've connected the faces correctly) it's fascinating to see this actress in such divergent parts; and second, because "君子报仇 十年不晚" 是 你们 的 老话 - good thing I checked the 汉字. (Adding this tie to la-la because the language difficulty was a surprise to hear from 你们的国人.)

Ending with this for edible gold.

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