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Observations 7/10

Where did I put that clip? It was a good illustration of a parallel between cultures - the difference between 'hey bro' and 'who's your daddy?' (Olympic ice skating, immortal comedian, NSFWho am I kidding?) Hah - found it!

Since Finger-The-Mirror feels so strongly about "where illusion rules," I'd like to expound a moment more on his effect on his own constituency (seriously, who is he kidding?). Noting especially - did the comment here come from the same clown that tried to make himself feel better by saying that people moving out of his state are moving into those with lower life expectancy, or just from an 'educator' like himself? (Adding this recent find and softening my initial reaction - I pity his condition as much as I pity The Big Guy's, and his constituents deserve better than his reading level. Also noting that it's sad how veritas produces the sort of stereotypical academic that would actually fit your entourage.) But I digress - let me return to the subject in order to remind him of his own words.

I've seen for myself the effect you have, Mr. Newsom, in two places now. Should you keep to your earlier stance on higher office, I might respect your notable self more loftily than I currently do.

Adding this for vocab 加拿大; and this for vocab 印度, still there 微软.

Adding this (ooh, new umbrellas!) and wondering how closely it ties in to 豺狼 政权's recent 客 (ooh, more red banner hill!).

Adding this because of a drone shot that looks a lot like those on channels that claimed attacks from 豺狼 政权 的 五毛.

Ending with this to honor the well.

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