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Observations 7/18

The thing with reusing boxes for craft projects is that their sizes tend to vary, and even if one is to cut them to the width needed, I'd rather use boxes with the same dimensions in order to get evenly sized lengths.

Have a collection of articles to encourage a continued crackdown, along with this reminder of an earlier article. (And that I was right about islands, though I didn't say so at the time.) Waah on "bashing them and bashing them?" First of all, what cooperation? (Like seriously, what?) Second of all, still there, 微软. Third, thanks to the writer of this article for the numbers, as well as the term 'becquerel.'

(Adding this because why would one take a former head of state's words into account when you don't listen to your own? Adding a note for the radio because I expect the perception of pushback is accurate and continuing.)

Funny offer, Sideshow Bob. I'll counteroffer with several links on recent data breaches and a link to report any Junk Mail that may have resulted. And allow me to re-up a reminder of a hard copy no one online can touch:

Or don't, and I'll re-up it anyway.

Hey 아줌마, you're so focused on the people provoking you that you clearly don't care that your own are starving. I'd say it's a safe bet you'd blow your own people up to get a leg up on any ideological and geopolitical opponents, considering that even now you're ignoring their wellbeing in favor of matchsticks in the water. (There's no softening or convincing heads of state who keep to their family's teachings despite having a frame of reference in the world outside their borders, especially when those teachings include "The inhumane act of knowingly causing prolonged starvation.")

Adding these articles because at least the water's clean. (I'm comfortable commenting on Mr. Newsom's state using online news supplemented by observation. Should I expect his administration's issues happening on the opposite coast? Because I'll gladly do the same for that as well.)

Adding the following because with its industry in a strike and its viewings already canceled in one country, no wonder there's a perceived need to advertise so heavily.

Ending with these links for the cobbling.

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