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Observations 7/19

The carrot umbels are, as I mentioned, as wide as or wider than my hand; the individual flowers are minuscule, and still greenish when in full bloom, if a bit paler than when they were more closely clumped together. The coriander and anise were white at that same stage - looking forward to seeds now, though.

Choosing not to engage with something has shown to me a refusal to learn. It's already less than ideal when done in one's own situation, but might be understandable if circumstances call for it. When one is in an office with others under their charge - in the case of 팡 和 아줌마, to name two examples among many - it indicates that official's dishonest and cowardly refusal to be held accountable out of self-preservation. (Eso es egoísmo.)

On that note, I counter any dazed notion of avoiding screenshots with these reminders:

(Note: Meph still shows these translations for the 汉字 in the screenshots. 微软 does not.)

Meph's count for the channel's two vids has flipped since. (Also keeping a 看 on another platform.)

Adding this because still there, 微软 (what grace ought to be offered when such grace is what one continues to receive?); and while I understand why nagustohan kayo sa yong pink, kung hindi sila magtulong sa inyo, bakit ba bumili kayo sa kanilang sine?

Adding this because I caught 十六的(?)二四. Huh - tied to these articles. Also 一个女 (why do I still have to type fumuern?). Also 上海人. Comparing the 汉字 in quotes to the translation in the green box, it matches. (是不是 熊弟 的 说话?)

Adding this because way to go, Big Guy.

Ending with these vids for the cobbling.

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