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Observations 7/22

Huh. So that's how that function works. Also - it fits, thanks much!

Yeah, this looks like even more of a two-coast thing now. Dud, I have more than one language in which to craft nicknames - it looks like I'm well on the way for a reason to use a counterpart that matches yours.

Hey, poser, check this out. Your priorities are obviously ice cream and pork, but if you could pull yourself away from your self-soothing and do better before your term runs out, that would be great. (Also keeping an eye on that 'new blood' thing. Already seen news of another of your colleagues suffering a stroke in office. You remember - your daughter watched her.)

Oh, cultural note! (And here I thought you earned your post through capability.)

Ahem, Lotus - you not handling this because you're busy vogueing or making salads? If you're waiting for confirmation on the numbers and events, there's at least one license plate visible, if you've any staff left to track it.

Question to Mr. Senile Nepotist Babysitters' Club: should a head of state's staff have to coddle him to the point where they're literally watching his step? Maybe you meant to soften with all the imeanyeses, but instead they make a stark show of how his age affects his office, and it's his office that's at stake here. It'll be fascinating to watch how your delusional lot plan on defending the Big Guy now. Although, going by this, you can't. (OMG, horcrux contents!)

Adding this bit of not-shady-at-all.

Ah, I see, the use of representation to sell to as many audiences as possible. Having these two wasn't enough (go girl), but the movie still had to appease the 豺狼 政权. (Hah. Called it.) It's difficult to choose whether that's more of an indictment on studio greed or on the monster those clowns chose to help. (Huh. Question. Answer.)

Adding this because it's tied to the months-long influx of 格格 keywords in the feed.

Adding this oof at the 苦 熊弟 和 他的 同人 喂料 他们 的 国人. (Narrator sounds like corrections were dubbed in from those recorded elsewhere.) Adding this to ask: 苦 是 拿手菜 在 熊弟 的 饭店 吗? 姐姐 也 吃 苦 吗?

Penultimate this to cheer the hunt for better.

Ending with this as a review.

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