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Observations 7/25

Maybe I ought to call this stuff burlesque powder, just for the music that blares through my head when I use it.

Huh. I wondered how widespread these reactions were to that monstrous bit of pink. Given this information and the subsequent coverage on it, children are not the target audience; but I estimate that the biggest draw for parents was the brand itself, which was enough for them to skip the pre-release analyses. The reactions I read about earlier seem rather more widespread than I expected when I first read about them.

As much as I cheer for any cousin, 华纳 熊弟 put both halves of this one at risk to make money for the "overpaid;" and the opportunities provided to her are not enough to silence me from saying these clowns used a controversy to publicize a movie that is indeed "mid."

Noting this for a bit more to the math, as well as to wonder, can such broadcast services afford to turn down anything that brings an audience? (Careful. Your targets need you even less now.)

If the issue here includes a memory on the removal of a fine for police misconduct, then I'd say the argument made in the article is a fair point.

Adding this to support the 'what detente?' question - vocab 印度.

Adding this for all the numbers that might be tracked.

Adding this for more on all the what cooperation? and all the 黑 those 緑色 claims are.

Writing exercise! 熊弟 的 狼仆 陷于 狼狈 境地; 狼仆 是 色狼 吗?

Then perhaps the ranking member can be disciplined, background noise, for language impugning the witness that's come to testify on fentanyl; and you can move on with what you need to say instead of arguing about how you say it.

Adding these articles for this quote in particular:

Democrats yell and scream for more new gun laws in the country, and yet you hear no Democrat yelling about the fact that Hunter Biden intentionally lied on his gun permit application, mishandled the gun after he received it with a false permit application, and faces absolutely no penalty. Guess what? The guy who sponsored that law was his father, Sen. Joe Biden, and that charge carries a 10-year sentence... they need to explain to the public why that was done. So no, I don't think it’s time to move on.

Now tell me again about the malarkey, Big Guy. Oh, almost time to share a room!

Adding this for the quote: "when migrants arrive, they 'will be received with dignity and respect... However, we have to make clear that our resources are not unlimited.'" I wonder if your contemporaries sent those people over because their resources are likewise limited, despite not setting sanctuary status for themselves as you have.

Ending with this because cats.

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