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Observations 7/27

Heh. Three countries and two weeks in one day. Might even bump those weeks to three months in a bit.

A quick look at what Aesop resorts to doing in an account from those who love what they do with what sounds like little, if any, return on investment. I'm sorry you clowns chose to be that vile to them, chained to zeitgeist as you are, in order to sell anything.

In a sea of reviews contrary to themselves shine the outliers who find the film in question as "mid" as these kids do. While my thanks go out to those who dare to post them, and my resolve solidifies to satisfy any curiosity about this film elsewhen, I continue to say to the clowns involved - congratulations on the monsters you chose to help.

Adding these articles for context around 日本人の language acquisition. If 豺狼 政权 是 窃贼 to its neighbor as well, then especially now, it has no right to claim it's being singled out by anyone for what it chooses to do to everyone.

Adding this because I wonder if I've mixed up "rotten tail project" and "tofu dreg buildings." Are the terms for project and building not interchangeable (it sounds like they might be), or is one used only for cutting corners in construction and the other only for the piss-poor management behind it?

Most of the above material on 豺狼 政权 is snark and sandpaper. This isn't. Not 怎么搞的 - 你们 出了 什么 岔子?

Restating the info that prompted my adding this photo - a short clip showed a woman saying Etsy's been taken over by drop-shippers, pushing out the indy craftspeople the site's for in the first place. If she's right about what's happening (and based on my experience, I think she might be) these people deserve better.

Penultimate these articles for vocab 义大利.

Ending with three months.

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