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Observations 7/30

I'm wondering what modifications I can make to this - doing so seems more to my liking than the alternative.

Why yes, clown, it's only a doll movie, a nice bit of fluff to take one's mind off one's surroundings. However, it's only recently I've run into that sort of defilement, much as I enjoyed being likewise blinkered. So what should one turn one's attention to: states continuing to bleed re(venue/sidents) or Nepo Baby's lap(top/dancer) dragging down the Big Guy? Question to the club babysitter - there's proof of criminal activity, and now there's acknowledged proof of sex workers; how much you wanna bet they never mixed? (By the way - y'all funny clutching pearls about "voyeuristic" and "sadistic.")

Oh, probably a good thing that the doll movie didn't join the other toy stories at this studio.

Oh, is that where 出了什么岔子? I shudder to think about that construction plus rain - seems like it's for the best that people are homeless, not in those buildings. One might understand how such collapses happen when construction materials are "stored on" instead of 'used on' them.

残酷 的 说话 吗? 残酷 的 现实 是 建筑 是 残. 连年 建筑 是 残. 连年 谁 惨 杀了 你们 的 国人? Apologies for errors, not sentiment. This is a writing exercise for me, but 她们 是 谁 的 女儿? Those responsible will be lucky if their parents are milder than I. That's if those parents are permitted to say anything critical at all.

Adding this for vocab 日本. This too for vocab 法国, and this for 香港.

Adding this for an eye on progress to 一百九十八-ish.

Bye, 15%.

Yeesh, does one really have to clarify that pizza is heroic, not human trafficking?

Ending with this because curious.

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