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Oh, bless.

My choice of title might step on some cultural appropriation toe somewhere, though I am heartened to know the network that inspired this post has less of the hold it once did on the organ of the day.

The issue in this article is a surprise only because there's an incentive for its broadcaster to look past its commonly pushed narrative. As the article has found, the change in voters' choices has been happening for longer than its network has chosen to notice; however, my guess is that, given the lack of tweets to fuel the news cycle and the current state of those put forward as an alternative, now comes the time to contemplate and comment on those who voted based on culture. Even acknowledging that, the article chooses to end on "an alternative reality" as well as "race-based appeals and culture wars."

There's a saying about heads and brick walls, and I am glad to know of more than one counterweight to this network.

Adding these articles:

- Review on political and economic definitions (revision possible: this link shows a definition of democratic socialism that differs from the current form of this site's landing page)

- Review of extant examples of what the previous links may mean to emulate (if I'm interpreting this correctly, democratic socialism and social democracy are economic terms as different as eyeglasses are to glass eyes)

- Effort to change politics on own side of aisle

- Examination of personal choices that are powered by something other than the values of everyday people or of the associated political philosophy

I wonder why the portrait in question would feel so deeply about the risk spoken of here if she's working towards something else. (Upon request, I'll gladly use more blunt terms to summarize the previous sentence.)

Ending with this because I think it's popped up on my radar before. Yay (not yea) fic.

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