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Oh my, this.

Ever come across an article that just wrenches a gut reaction out of you? It's this, so much this.

'Go play with the other kids!' OK. 'Why are you so dark?' Sunlight. 'Clear your plate!' OK. 'Why have you gained weight?' Calories and not playing with the other kids in the sunlight. (Cobbled together from the anecdotes of not-my-language speakers as well as my own experience, so I can say with some assurance that humans are globally weird.)

Ever consider those innocent little games adults play with young children? There's no malice on either side, but it's only later that one realizes something holy-crapballs dark about certain games. I wonder what this writer's experience is of 'patag-ason ni nato ang imong ilong.' (Further down the page in the article linked above, there's a mention of rhinoplasty.)

If there is any wonder why I've used such vehement expressions in relation to beauty standards, I'd like to think this article goes some way to answering those questions. And at least one of these books is going on the reading list.

Also, to the young woman at our cousin's wedding whose appearance was more akin to aboriginal Australia than to neighbors in Malaysia, I hope you never again feel the need to use sunscreen beyond protecting the health of your skin. You're a firecracker.

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