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Oh, that'll wake one up.

Information about a recent social media post inspires some concern, because though I would applaud the challenger, the revocation of titles and belts does not negate the skill earned.

TL;DR - dude, are you high? Again, I mean.

Buttered popcorn.

Adding a tie to third-party funny-not-"Spanish" in this news that came out about the same time as the post above.

Adding this toss-up between laughing at the мужчина or worrying about those around him.

Adding this and bits of the sign I can piece together using a non-Cyrillic keyboard: OCTAHOBNTE BON?

HE BEPbTE ?PO?A?AH?E ?ECb BAM BPYT (reminder that Cyrillic EE is backwards N). Got an assist: ОСТАНОВИТЕ = STOP.

Adding this because legacy media omissions are well beyond being just a current thing.

Ending with this because capers.

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