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On a game I've yet to play

A bit of a surprise considering the current news cycle, but "boredom" is a term that's repeatedly come through my feed lately. (It's yet another reason I find the removal of the "For You" mark hasn't changed the rabbit-holes that news aggregator uses.) Repetition can be dull, but there are things that don't need to change in order to be right.

For instance, there's this observation made by a news outlet that still stands despite the changes around it. To that, I'll connect this article, which contains more specific information on an issue related to a 国's capacity to financially sustain its activities within and outside its borders. (Regime-funded real estate company proving to be another albatross.)

For another, these somewhat more local observations on spending (and all those numbers). There's more to this article than the 'spending reduces debt' bit, but that bit's rather memorable in a way that the speaker might rather it wasn't, especially considering the information here. (With the figures showing an increase in debt that's just possibly in relation to spending, as well as an inability to fund vaccinations that's just possibly tied to money hoarded or spent in the wrong areas - except the prison updates, which might reduce transmission within the population - I'm wondering what sort of mental pretzel-ing results in the Speaker's conclusion.)

For a third, this bit of yikes which may reflect a more dangerous environment than that closer by, but also shows how it's driven someone to do better than his contemporaries around here. It's easy to favor a broadcaster who refuses to conceal information over a person who defends various means by which information was concealed. (The second article I've linked to in this paragraph highlights another segment of the quote it uses; however, I'm looking at "the content of the report was soon subsumed to the odd way in which the paper obtained the information," which shows me the people involved focused on how the information came out rather than whether or not it was true.)

It's a particular mix, that 国, this administration, and news organizations that have once more shown why their preferences are to be taken with a large grain of salt. (Huh.) From these articles, I get the sense that their preference continues to be a concealment that seeks to delay fallout.

And current circumstances look rather like fallout.

(Adding this because I got curious about a nominee [greetings] and found a tie to - what are they teaching over there?)

Ending with this because title.

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