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On and on and on this?

It would be a joy indeed to move forward, but it seems that, in order to escape the cyclic repetition in the feed, one must consciously search other sources. However, since I'm not inclined to being silenced by anything, on we go.

I expect it's a matter of time before up come other campaigns against the system, made by those now bailing out a buddy who falsely accused his own people and then some. (Note that the preceding sentence didn't include any mention of race.) This is an example of one who used and encouraged assumptions made and assumptions spread in order to - at the time, the motive was thought to be a more lucrative position in terms of pay and influence. Linking up this news furthers his ends, which is why I do so with much reservation; however, I think it's important to keep in mind the names of other people directly tied to this felony case.

In a contest between myself and a weightlifter who's born female and within the same country, I expect the weightlifter to win; it'll be a fair competition in terms of a starting point, the crucial difference being in the weightlifter's training for her sport. (If memory serves, last I made this argument, it was with the example of an MMA fighter.) That's why I'm not as reluctant to add these links, whose words will fall on ears as receptive as they were, perhaps, to this information. It's the first time I'd read that social media snippet at the bottom of the third article, and am surprised that those who pride themselves on - what month is it again? - would take exception to that person's comment. (Had a post earlier that tied in an animated cyborg in a human and robot competition. Still think the episode fits.)

Considering the zeitgeist in one's own decisions is a questionable endeavor when its values continue to laud the dissonant and make villains of those who oppose them.

Keeping an eye on other matters with a reminder, fratello, that 兄弟 shares an ideology with his northern брат, and has played the same 君子报仇十年不晚 long game. The 兄弟 makes allowances only for its own preservation and the брат won't relinquish what remaining power he has – meanwhile, their immediate neighbors are still at nearly as big a risk as their own. (Despite the reservations I have about the network itself, this specific article ties several issues together in a way that demands emphasis.) I support those who can help to protect a country from a брат and weaken a 兄弟’s capacity to do as the брат does. (Bit of an edge off with this slightly more cheerful news.)

Scrap that! Ending with this because crossing my fingers on those colors' meaning (the words 'sword cane' best describe my initial reaction); and this because the way the guy's come off, he's earned better than to be labeled either an actor or politician.

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