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On birds

I wonder if they fancy themselves dovish, who focus on cake and wine instead of those who have term limits and those who've managed to scrap them (as well as the connections such heads of state have - still there, 微软). If such motivated people are so impatient as to be unable to withstand a period of a few months to a few years, depending on how the vote comes about, then it's up to the rest of the population to find their own way.

Maybe it's too alarmingly hawkish to concentrate on how to deal with the current pressing situation that prompts such a focus on questions of whether this fresh mess should have been started or not instead of concrete information on what to do now that it's steaming on the doorstep.

Whatever this monstrosity turns out to be, it seems to me that information on what to expect from a draft (finally, something worth scaling a paywall for*) or coverage on vulnerable facilities other than the library would make for more useful reading than who's winning at the polls because of this latest dumpster fire. It'd also be helpful to have sources of information on how to withstand hardships caused by a loss of such vulnerable facilities. (Other than historical reenactments, war documentaries, and zombie apocalypse fiction.)

It might take longer than a day to achieve clarity, but this sounds like pigeons all over again.

* To clarify - credit where credit's due, but it's still a tentacle, so it's still a no.

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