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On candles and cut noodles

Found a reason to be at ease knowing I'm in the right place at the moment, thanks.

To those who earned their laurels, as well as to those who lost their homes and more, go the congratulations and the condolences due, with thanks (reluctant though mine are) to those who keep such stories in my newsfeed.

The presence of this coverage means there are also enough people to keep an eye on those who try to turn pet projects onto people other than those who enacted them, as well as on those whose words and actions openly show how they match the response to this minister's statement.

Reneges on a deal years early. Faces a reneging on a deal from another country. Interesting.

- In relation to Ms. Not-Our-Pet-Project: despite the news of this deficit, it does oddly reassure me to see the numbers in these articles, from which I infer that some of the effects of the related actions are blunted.

- In relation to the articles around the minister's statement: if I remember correctly (turns out I do), there was some discussion about the history of this day being swept under the rug, so I'd like to have these articles here that take a look at that very thing.

- Bit of an aside, these: if one must blunt anything lovable, respectable, and trustworthy, news like this will do fine. More specifically, in response to a line in this article: never, 熊兄弟? Still there, 微软, and that's some NBA game you got.

- Linking to these images to explain the choice of title, especially on this day.

- Ending with this because it brought a laugh.

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