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On crossing things

Oh, they're lyrics! Dude! I can now recognize song lyrics at speed! (Not all of them, of course; but sod that, I'm celebrating.)

Bouncing back and forth between series is a bit disconcerting, but it also helps cement what elements are the same in these series made for a certain target audience. There are always differences, but the exchange of male children between women of the court is a common thread, as is the hierarchy in which those children are arranged, and the fluidity of that hierarchy (primogeniture does not automatically hold the throne; nor does the seniority of the 母亲).

Also, names - titles can be changed, it seems, at a whim, which must be difficult when proper address depends more on the title than the name (ah, the timing of a scene that emphasizes the importance of title); and birth names can be easily discarded by a senior member of the court, whether they're regnal names or not. (And 其二角 is still an utter wuss. Also, wrong vowel on the names I thought were the same in the two series.)

I'm certain this lesson plan will come in handy for those who need it, and so I appreciate its development; of course, that's appreciated along with the knowledge of how to take screenshots on my phone, and how to send them to this news aggregator in the feedback (and to myself as a reminder) as I encounter them over time. (Making the effort to craft a fantasy for another implies holding that other in some regard, and why would one do that when the original suits one's own ends?)

Adding this because "Mainstream media will still thrive, but increased competition from citizens will cause them to be more accurate, as their oligopoly on information is disrupted." (Did I say monopoly earlier? Up it goes.)

Ending with this - even though I've seen the material before, it's still nice to see.

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