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On deficits and veganism, etc.

I'll start with the lighter topic in this set, if it can be said to be lighter.

Arguing for veganism in an environment that doesn't support a vegan diet is, to use a less loaded term, problematic, as well as the opposite of inclusive. If the resources are available to support growing the plants that humans can eat, that's one thing; but there are cultures that developed in places that have a limit to the sort of plants humans can directly eat, whether it's because of temperature extremes or a lack of water.

(Amended to add that while latitude may have been implied, I hadn't explicitly taken that into account - far enough north or south, sunlight's another factor to deal with along with temperatures. Closer to the equator, it's easier for people to DIY a solution, given access to water through infrastructure or water harvesting; but with extended periods of night at extreme latitudes, it remains to be seen whether those indoor farm projects can drop the cost of vegetables enough for the people who live there.)

Not everyone has access to geothermals, greenhouses, and solar panels, for a start; and for another, adapting a vegan diet to any culture that relies so heavily on animals places additional difficulties on these cultures that, I would hazard to guess, have less impact on the land than their more modernized contemporaries. To put it bluntly, if humans are fucked, it's not because of these people, and they're not vegan.

- Along the lines of placing additional difficulties, earning a deficit such as this comes easily to those who've tried to fob a global pandemic off on everyone but themselves. (Vocab: 美国, 孟加拉国, 意大利, 印度.) Apart from actions taken (vocab: 马来西亚, 塞拉利昂) that counter attempts to shed its long-cultivated predatory image, the regime itself looks to be doing quite well with its own spy empire (vocab: 维吾尔族, 波兰).

Anything I might feel at seeing the deleterious effect this regime has on its own people is balanced by seeing these difficulties that same regime places in its own way; however, in acknowledgement of some middle ground, I'll add this bit of vocab: 柬埔寨.

- Whichever C-suite head came up with the policies that resulted in these articles surprises me - I thought optics were a consideration over yonder.

- Ending with this because, if this is widely adopted, I think I'll miss seeing different pasta shapes in the box, it might be fun to watch them change shape in the water.

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