On gamifying reading

That's à toute à l'heure, background noise. What conventions does that caption organization have for non-English languages? And where's Los Angles? And oy, is it jarring to hear this guy's voice so different.

Listening to someone narrate a book as opposed to reading it for oneself gives the audience the writer's thoughts as interpreted by the narrator, and is just another way to avoid being in one's own head with one's own thoughts. Countering this - eventually one learns to develop one's own inner voice when reading for oneself, even (perhaps especially) after being read to as a child.

For the voice of a character, one person might use a famous actor or a close relative, or even random passersby on the subway. (Nah, I'm keeping that memory for me.) One might place stress on certain words within a sentence to the point where one can make "I read a book" have four separate meanings (and eight with tense change, by my count, but feel free to look for more). However, if listening to an audiobook brings the same entertainment experience as, say, listening to a radio play, I'll agree that does do better than "'reading challenges' and daily word count goals" by bringing the listener nearer to the point of reading in the first place.

Adding this to wonder - there were cameras pointed at the caption screens, of course, so I'm sure they've compared the speech to the captioners' output by now. (Maybe the missus can help with that Titanic performance.)

好好 has to be a double down in this study material - 'take really good care of' - so is there a formulaic determination of when repetition is suggestion versus insistence? Because I'm thinking I could wing that based on context. (By the way...)

Oh, before I forget - thank you, Tony; and thank you background noise! (Let's just say I'm more likely to see deliberate choice in a Valentine rerun scheduled so soon after such a big purchase.)

Adding this because why look at crime rates now when there's another opportunity for politicking? Call ideological opponents lacking in empathy long enough, especially in a position and at a time when such talk is useful for polling numbers, and ideological opponents will be quite willing to point out the blatant use of an attack such as this and how the injured man's been married to a politician long enough to understand the use of family tragedy for political points.

Adding this because all right then, Spin, let's not exaggerate.

Ending with this because of eyes pointing down.

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