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On heating things up

Is it just me, or does the politician in a cassock still prefer photo ops with those who aren't suffering things like, say, actual thirst under a 兄弟's regime? (Yeah, attaching the modern concept to the religious one does prompt at least a snicker. I'm sure that'll help with the edema and the sentences.)

If those deemed to be the cool kids are spouting some nonsense, then markedly deserved is any attention in the form of a clapback to that nonsense.

- While I'm on clapbacks - "people, not machines, make the algorithms that shape our online reality." So shift the onus to the people in your 街道, in your 街道, in your 街道...

- How charitable. Meanwhile, the first question that comes to mind is, what problems would such charity eliminate for the company in question?

- Read the title. Thought of people leaving the state. E-mailed the article and read the entire link that includes the very words "people-leaving-state."

- I'm thinking this pulling of punches and this choice of topic to broadcast (something that 'kneecaps a narrative' doesn't prompt a different choice?) has something to with this situation.

- When objectivity is made out to be a convenient lie (what, 'no such thing, so use those biases instead of questioning them all around?') and pointing out 'what didn't happen is actually what didn't happen' becomes a mere talking point, the defense is weak as well as vile.

- Speaking for myself, shunning sports was once out of a simple lack of interest, like 'eh' preferring one sort of music or vegetable over another. Now it's a hard pass, and for a similar idea to the one here - loyalties bought gets in the way of the game itself. Consider the numbers in that last link for a view as to who's dunking on who.

- To whatever makes this algorithm think it appropriate to highlight articles like these: is it just me, or do these recommendations make this dubious tool of an aggregator sound like a presumptuous old Karen with a dyed perm and a neon tracksuit who's only deigned to cross the street in order to gossip?

- International vocab:


土耳其 (I'll include this as well)


- A consideration for environmentalists, sport fishers, orthorexics (that heavy metal mention's worth a look), or just plain hungry folk.

- Ending with this because it's at once simple and brilliant.

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