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On instructive material

From what I'm reading, it still looks like there are people who only use the audio in their captions. Is the video not enough context? Keyword search to double-check what one hears (and subsequently types out)?

Captioner of the salmon sushi vid, it's "sinew," and Tamaki is half French.

Captioner of the mochi vid, it's "three different flavors" from the roast soy bean powder, the green tea, and the red bean. Dango. Flour.

(Ah, there's the theme - literacy and inclusive access to information.)

Name on the fundraising e-mail, maybe you as a teacher can explain these numbers and their ties to specific locations.

I must say, though, the description of appearance and location is BVI useful, so perhaps there's another more fitting issue among those on which veep's dropped the ball.

There's a poem that comes to mind, and yet I thank you for teaching.

Adding this because hair stick, and this because I'm thinking 一个客's enough.

Ending with this because I could do with a drink.

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