On lessons

It's worth learning how to fight with unconventional weapons. I'm thinking red velvet cupcakes would be especially memorable - not exactly fighting muffins, but I find blueberries are better fresh.

It's good to hear there's discussion on shared concerns, even if one's dropped the ear trumpet on other issues.

In recognition of the month, here's a collection of four Olympians, two women and two with similar pharmacological experience; the sort of science that's swept under the rug; an op ed; an official; and competitors associated with the issue in question.

(Adding this because it isn't a good point at all - in the arts, physicality is a more collaborative component, such as in dance; or an aesthetic one in competition, such as in drag. When the competition uses physical ability as a metric, and none of the other competitors have the physicality that results from developing as a male before transitioning - at a guess, the high testosterone levels were natural rather than synthetic - then competing among them isn't about "do as thou wilt" because it violates "an' it harm none.")

This feels like a tangent - while I might understand the choice to protect these animals, bees are most certainly not fish.

Recently bumped into an article where ideology applied to education noticeably reduced literacy rates over two years (they're classics for a reason). I'd like a timeline for a related ideology applied to law enforcement in order to narrow down a range in which to observe crime rates. I also considered in the inescapable story that the zeitgeist around cops might have made them afraid to do their jobs, which is mentioned in this article as contributing to their inaction. Considering this writer's location, there might actually be a use case or two in the area (have the remedies mentioned here received more support without the defund aspect on the LE side?); and considering the admission from the related application in education, I'm looking forward to a similar in the second.

Ending with this because it's opened up other options on experimenting with food.

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