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On looking for more laughs

This is somewhere on the same level as watching for intuitions to shift here's-their-signs, but it should be interesting to observe what normalization there can be of what was once called "cultural appropriation" and the claiming of that which is (still) not one's own under the banner of "cultural fluidity." Expecting the term "cultural dysphoria" to follow soon enough.

That joke fell flat some time ago, Hilary; and if you'd be so obliging as to drop it instead of bringing it back up as you've just done, Hilary (to coincide with a recent movie, perhaps?) it would be a pleasure to move on with those who can appreciate a culture without pretzeling themselves into a caricature of it. (I'd like to keep some accuracy here, if I can; since the birth name shown in the articles vary, I have to ask - is it spelled with one L or two?)

- Wondering if cultural appreciation and seeking what's outside the familiar is the common thread I sense between the comedy above and this bit. Brings up the memory of a woman oh-so-bravely trying garum (I think it's this historian, but I haven't found the vid or timestamp with the relevant facial expression), as well as my own appreciation of exotic haggis (haven't tried it), exotic Yorkshire puddings (have tried it and yum), and exotic sauerkraut (made it, tried it, and yum).

- Keeping an eye 看 stories from the howlers that abound on other side of the ring, reading about those who claim a success not built under their administration (and therefore not theirs to claim); as well as wondering whether this side's climate groups' earlier push to compromise on climate issues included talk of this funding.

- Ending with this because cheese.

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