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I could speak again about voting in a country of which I'm no longer a citizen. I could look at the situation of, say, a foreign exchange student or an expatriate who spends much of their time in another country, contributes to and makes use of their resources, but does not hold dual citizenship, and ask whether they're eligible to vote in that country. I could suggest ways to provide assistance without permitting ineligible votes, or look up those who are already working toward those ends. Or I could look at the politicians that publications such as this tend to support and the effect of policies held by those politicians.

- Adding this because when it comes to social media, the need it creates for condolences makes me glad I haven't read it.

- Up soon-ish, experimenting with a springform helps keep my eyes on what I want to read. (Also, eyes 看 these issues.)

- Ending with this because nice catch.

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