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On reactions

The outcome was "wrongdoing without guilt." One loud reaction is this.

The agreed-upon training uses reins to prevent harm. The photographer did not see whipping. One loud reaction is this.

Defunding and those who proposed it are still dealing with the fallout. To the statement "does not want to defund," I might charitably add the word 'anymore,' though my view on this reaction remains the same.

Guilt stings those who must face the result of decisions they themselves made or endorsed on record, as well as having to face the people who see the same result without having made those decisions. (Though I should perhaps reconsider the use of "on record" since common practices are still in this particular rut.) Even so, pain is information, and recording it is helpful.

Ending with this because one can make almost anything a little bit magical by adding the words "IN SPACE!"

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