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The way I view many issues tends toward the views of those who published this article. This time, however, I decided to compare it to this, which has the transcript of part of the Q&A as well as a clip of that same part, and I find that even this more expanded answer, in speaking of a focus on controlling the pandemic, does lean toward blaming the unvaccinated. Considering the focus that was spoken of, I wonder whether questions raised on talk radio regarding immigration policies are worth considering, especially in terms of adding to the percentage of those unvaccinated.

I realize that it's part of this person's job to present the current administration in the best possible light, but it still reads like shunting blame elsewhere and trying not to sound like it.

- Weather eye with some articles on these 掠夺者. (Is there a difference between singular and plural? Vocab: 印度, 澳洲, 刚果, 法国, 台湾.)

- Congratulations on this issue that I, among others as it seems, don't entirely understand.

- Ending with this article because it's still an incredible thing to see and hear. (Hindi ko alam nga ang Hiligaynon ay parang katulad sa Tagalog, pero parang Ilonggo daw rin ang tawag nyan.)

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