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Ever watch a horror movie and focus on the female face in the foreground? Expanding the view a bit to include the background, shadowy as it may be, is something that can blunt the effect of a jump scare. There is a way to adapt that to the news cycle. With a tendency to expect events such as these, it'll take a bit more if I'm to see past them (congratulations and condolences to the competitors on the comments they face; humor helps) when I put as much credence in the associated regimes and news organizations as I did "I've always admired you people. Nuns, I mean." (Which reminds me, I want that book - been a while since I read any of it, and I quite enjoyed what I remember of it.)

There are other goings-on in the background. I'm glad to have reminders of them.

(OMG, inadvertently political LOL - completely innocent, but watch out for that storm. ...I'm 12 like that.)

Ending with these bits of light large and small.

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