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How about an early Happy Birthday instead?

Timing's off on video, dialogue, and captions for the variety show and the - what is this, a community hospital? (Huh - I thought it was 下, not "shock.")

Back to the point of having all those candles illuminate what the sundowner-in-chief has on his plate so far:

What I see is an incumbency, built on pop culture rather than effective policy, feeling the effects of relying on such a base. (Mr. Lomax trying to make a meme happen?) For those who benefited from action on student loans and low-level convictions, good on you; but the MMORPG campaigns resulted in the election of people such as these, and the numbers on loans speak for themselves. I'll acknowledge any politician's belated efforts to turn things around; however, I'd rather applaud those not in office for taking on what escapes the capacity of the people meant to represent them. (Wait, this again? Correct to "continues to escape the capacity?")

Adding this reminder of - wasn't she an educator as well?

Adding this because keep going.

Ending with this because it's flipping adorable.

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