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On sides

Imploring on one 面, belligerent on so many others, and entirely willing to counter such an obliging fratello. It's little wonder that the prevailing perception has come to this, and I've some curiosity as to who'd wish to be part of a world that's chosen to move in such a way. Oh, wait...

I continue to regard with some 敌意 people who are now scrabbling to scapegoat their ideological opponents by passing off the burgeoning unpopularity of their policies onto those who have been countering their choices, questioning their actions in comparison to those whose work they disdain, even as I'm aware that having two counterweights one to the other is better than having no counterweight at all. In that vein, I'd like to acknowledge the picture of a salesman for climate policies, considering worsening weather alongside the "bad spending decisions for decades" info; as well as this speculation from a rather unexpected quarter. (Since one mightn't get such speculation from, say, 家人. Amended to get some vocab use in here.)

- It's a simplified choice between waiting for the realization of imbalance in comparing a fictional mouthpiece for a writer's own sentiment to someone who's taken the physical, emotional, and psychological risk to protect others... or waiting for grass to grow. (TL; DR - actual cop or umm, he's a fictional character?) This publication would clearly rather an ink sock puppet over the living on the front lines because it's harder, I guess, than recognizing that this country is far from perfect and the ones working on it need more support than they've gotten.

- Fun with recommendations (I'll send the other dubious bits in the feedback): I've no need to change what I don't have, but if the link's useful to someone else, here it is.

- Ending with this one and only reason to enjoy opera. (If I've linked to him before, I don't mind the repetition - he's still fun to listen to.)

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