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On technicalities

First and foremost, some aah news. (For me... for them! Punctuation matters.)

Countering another humans-are-weird-is-mild assertion with this - just because a 政权 is working on space (lots of luck, Mr. Lomax) while others are working on which one is built to swim only shows the capability to turn people into μηχανή. (This in lieu of a video covering an ancient mass production system including quotas for crossbow parts or arrowheads, likely both if memory serves.)

(In the spirit of machine people, adding an acknowledgment of serendipitous Grace rerun.)

Turns out loopholes can be a good thing when they're a more useful means of governance than the usual.

Adding this because it's more of the usual.

Adding this because from what I can suss out solo, the translation's accurate.

Adding this in recognition of two ads in recent memory that use the method as a talking point.

Ending with this because I'm wondering about comparisons made using oil yields and planting area.

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