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On the living, not the statues

Quick blurb to keep an eye on the resolute. I'm sure there are others who see a similarity to a leader from the previous century, one markedly less pleasant than other points of comparison - the wait for others to join him. (At this point, headlines are all the coverage I need of slap-happy awards shows whose politics and finances provided an opening.)

Guard stays up on the 国 that's only backing down because one of its larger and weightier allies is on the back foot. (Thanks to this for a reminder of another border issue; and still there, 微软.)

Was going to add this article somewhere there ^ ish, but I'll pair it with this article as a reminder to be wary of a 国 that pushes forward on a conflict it instigated while eyes are elsewhere.

Ending with this because it piques curiosity thrice. (Not peeks, not peaks.)

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